Share a vibrant story only you can tell with a deep dive into the HoneyBook Smart Files.

You had high expectations…

You joined HoneyBook with high hopes of streamlining, but as you select your templates within HoneyBook, instant regret sets in. 

Does this sound like you?


Too many new features - don't know where to start?


Your vision never quite translates to your HoneyBook platform.


You're ready to throw the laptop out the window because nothing is where it was before.


Working with new tools may intimidate you, but with guidance, you know you can do it!

Have you been looking for…


Smart Files - from A to Z


A comprehensive video tutorial for crafting each unique template.


Tailoring Techniques: My step-by-step guide to avoid mistakes and build a template with superb skill.


A walkthrough of your client journey, so you can customize your experience to future clients.

What videos are inside the digital course?


Converting Files + Company Theme


Navigating Smart Files


Root Templates


Client Journey


Simple vs Complex Smart Files


Sending a Smart File


Automating a Smart File

"Thank you for encouraging us to move to Smart Files - it’s SO much better than Legacy!!! It's clearer and user friendly. We’re now automated from project start to finish and will be set for our busy season. We wouldn’t be in this position without you - truly."

Laurie B.

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Highly recommend Diana and her support with making HoneyBook work for your business and helping to promote confidence in the system. Definitely time and resources well spent.

Megan L.

Event Planner

GAME CHANGER! Diana helped me clean up my HoneyBook and literally shaved hours off of my work life during the week. She's definitely the HoneyBook guru!

Max P.


Diana is fantastic and helped me establish my business into something professional and elegant. She was easy to work with, having a calm, understanding and friendly demeanor about her that didn't make me feel dumb for not knowing borderline simple things.

After this Course

skip costly mistakes

Avoid setbacks and maximize the little time you have available to create an iconic template.

bridge the gap

Access a clear-cut plan that stands between you and finally holding that perfect client experience.

Confidently Create

Kick the constant second-guessing and simply follow my lead with the exact measurements and unbroken steps.

Master smart files today

HoneyBook pro

Diana Wei Fang

Being an independent professional doesn’t mean you can’t use some support. With my guidance, HoneyBook's all-in-one system for managing client needs, running your business won't get in the way of you doing what you do best.

Smart files not only make your life easier, but they also provide a seamless end-to-end experience for your clients by combining elements of your process into one super customizable smart file.