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Client journey worksheet

Get the same questions I ask my clients (who pay $$$$) when building their systems. 👇🏼

You've got this.

Did you know that according to Fast Company, 70% of all business owners/CEO's time is wasted because it's not streamlined?

Time and time again, I see creative small business owners get bogged down in the business side of the work, because you are trying to juggle a thousand different tasks.

New inquiries are hitting their inbox but it gets buried before they remember to respond. 

Inbox zero? What's that?

Invoices… did you send them?

If you had more time… you'd change things up.

One day, you'll remember to request for a testimonial.

Whether you've written it down or have it in your head, these questions will help you map out your client workflow. You will be able to streamline your business and buy back time.

Allow for your business to reach the next level and thrive by asking yourself these important questions within this worksheet.

Diana Wei 



Diana is the Founder of The Finer Points and is a Systems Architect + HoneyBook Pro. She believes that by empowering the creative economy to pursue their passion, the world changes for the better. Diana has supported over 2,000 business owners in streamlining their systems.

As a HoneyBook Pro, she loves helping her clients get their systems in place, so they can focus on what matters most, the world hearing their story.

Life can be pretty beautiful. 

Sometimes you just need a little 

help making it that way.